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   If you own a property, maximise your profits on the investment and earn handsome rental returns. Here’s how…

   Do you own a property, which has been lying vacant for the longest time? If yes, then experts believe that earning a rental income out of that property will not only help you build a saving, but will also keep the house in a good condition.

Here, are a few advantages attached to renting out your residential property in today’s time:

Better upkeep:

   If you own a house in your village or your hometown, it’s better to give it on rent as this will help in maintaining the wear and tear.

Monetary gains:

   The money received as rental income can be used to pay expenses back at home. You need to figure out the apt rent for your home that suits the budget of the tenant. Once it is in rotation, the rental income will indeed provide some financial relief for the ‘rainy days’.

Emotional attachment:

   At times, the owner is attached to the property and does not want to sell it. By renting your property, you can safeguard it, provided you have the rental deed and lease in place.

Secured gift:

   Besides getting a stable rental income, you can give this property to your children as a gift. If, by any chance, they wish to move in, they can. Alternatively, they can also enjoy the fruits of rental income as you did.

You are the boss:

   In rental income, there is always a flexibility of managing an investment. You get to make the decisions on costs, contracts and terms, plus whether or not you want to sell your asset, and when. You’re the showrunner.

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source: ET Realty

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