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   Replicate the below mentioned hacks by our expert and maximise your space to the fullest, so that you can build your own mini-library.

   Is your home the size of a matchbox? Is a lack of space preventing you from building your own personal library? If, yes, then we guide you.

Pick a small corner:


Either add shelves that go up to the ceiling, giving you enough space to place your books or;

Create a small comfortable reading corner with a small shelf harbouring a select few of your favourite books.

Add a murphy bed:


Shelves that slide to the sides when the bed needs to be used or pulled down, will really increase your book-keeping space, and certainly reduce the amount of space used in the room itself.

Literature inspired headboard or base board:


   Use your head board or base board as a space to store your books. Build a board with shelves and use it for placing your books and add a potted plant or two.

Hallway library:


   Another hack is to use spaces, like an unused hallway or passageway, by creating niches in the wall that tend to be more space-friendly or by adding book-sized shelve fixtures.

Bunk-bed step storage:


   Bunk beds are a way of saving space too, so why don’t we use them to the fullest? The space under the bunk-bed steps can be used to create a library oasis; Add your own little touch to the space and transform it into ‘your space’; Add a small table lamp or an overhead tube-light for those late-night reads; You can also go ahead and place a small potted plant that doesn’t need much sunlight for its growth; this would give the space a spurt of life.

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source: The Times of India

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