9 elegant ideas to create a fine dining space


   Good food and good company call for a beautiful place to share them. Create a jewel of a dining space with creative touches and quality furniture and accessories to add warmth to every gathering.

   Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or gathering around the table for a meal, the dining room is where people come together. It’s the spot in the home that encourages you to celebrate your signature style. From modern to traditional, get inspired by these stylish ideas.

  Choose versatile furniture that shifts easily between simple family dinners and grand celebrations. Update your look each season and holiday with an easy switch out of table linens and centerpieces. For added flair, hang decorative pendants or a chandelier that draws interest by day or by night. For intricate details, read further…

1. The foundation


   Keep in mind the space, as you choose the dining table. Always select a table which gives enough leg space and also space for others to move around while serving you food. If space allows, add a buffet table that acts as a serving table along with storage for entertaining essentials and a versatile framework for creative display.

    Another pointer would be the look. A traditional matched table and chair creates a cohesive look while pairing different yet complimentary finishes is an eclectic alternative.

2. Add soft touches


  In a room that is otherwise filled with hard surfaces, textiles soften the mood and add warmth. Begin with a rug to instantly define a dining area. Ideally the rug you choose should extend two inches from the edge on all sides, so that the back legs of the chairs will still be on the rug when your guests are seated. Upholstered chairs or slipcovers are also great for introducing colours and pattern.

   Slipcovered chairs add texture and offer flexibility to a palette because they can easily be changed and washed. Soft cushions in bright colours can also be used which are also easy to switch out when mood strikes accordingly.

3. Tricks with the light


   Use mirrors to amplify natural sunlight by day and to create the illusion of more space around the clock. For maximum light reflection, hang a wide mirror on the wall across the dining room window. Hang a pendant lamp or chandelier over the centre of the table and install a dimmer switch for the ultimate flexibility in creating mood. A mix of overhead lighting and candles closer to the action also gives you the option to alter the mood depending on the occasion.

4. Style statement


   Make the space uniquely yours with unexpected details that draw the eye. Choose a vibrant wall colour or go for neutral to put dramatic artwork and bright sensational ascents centre stage. Mix in bold artwork and other items that hold special meaning for you, like treasured heirlooms and found objects to bring a sense of personal history to the space. Displaying treasured mementos in open bookshelves personalises a space to give it a cozy vibe.

5. Pop of pattern


   A small touch of pattern on the windows can brighten up a space. Roman shades in a modern floral fabric keep a wood table and wicker chairs from feeling too outdated. Oversized candelabras become a simple and sculptural centerpiece.

6. Bright spot


   Like the sun breaking through gray skies, mix colour combination which shall catch a happy surprise for your guests. Let the accents shine by choosing clean, modern lines on the walls, windows, and floor. Place a king-sized chair in the corner like in the ancient times for the head of the family to sit and oversee his family eating with happiness.

7. Naturally beautiful


   Mismatched chairs in neutral shades add character to the open and inviting space. Floral wallpaper in a muted tone will feel modern and not frilly, which can balance a space that is filled with accessories like hanging wreaths, bamboo cutting boards and more.

8. Family dining


   Too much wood (table, chairs, flooring and cabinetry) may spoil everything. So, think creatively about the pieces you bring into the room. Focus on details.

9. Drama class


   A  floor-to-ceiling graphic wallpaper steals the show, while lush curtains and a rosy chandelier add feminine (but not too precious) touches. Well-worn wood furniture gives a bit of a rough edge to the room. In order to keep the room from feeling closed in, you could also paint only the upper half of the walls black and choose linens in light fabrics.

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source: The Times of India

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