Urban plan approvals in Gujarat to go online from May 1



   In a move to stem rampant corruption in the urban development department, the state government has decided to enforce a system by which all urban development plans will be passed online from May 1. Authorities said that no human intervention will be involved. The government directed officials to make sure that all urban development plans are cleared within 48 hours of being uploaded.

   An officer privy to the development said, “Approval of construction plans submitted by the private companies and individuals to the urban local bodies have been controversial with repeated allegations of rampant corruption by municipal corporations, urban development authorities, municipalities, officials of the chief town planner and even the urban development department.”

   “To minimise corrupt practices, the state government has decided to take the process for construction plan approvals online. The authorities have to suggest changes, reject the plan or approve it within 48 hours,” an informed source said.

   “In many cases, authorities from the local level to Gandhinagar take months or years to approve or reject plans. Taking this procedure online will make it transparent.”

  “The government has decided to remove human intervention in approval of construction plans and use technology. The state government has enforced the uniform GDCR (General Development and Control Rules), so it is now possible to check plans online in accordance with the law and prevalent rules and decide without human intervention whether a plan meets zoning rules and other regulations. The government has decided to implement the new online system from the May 1,” added the source.

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source: Economic times.

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