Nearly 400 old apartments to benefit in Surat with new GDCR


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   Nearly 400 apartments in different areas of Surat under the old General Development Control Regulations (GDCR) are likely to benefit with the provisions made by the state government in the new GDCR. Now, these apartments will be able to get permission to rebuild their homes with increased FSI (floor space index) and will also be able to get benefit of raising height of the structure till 25 metre on any road starting from nine metre.

   According to an estimate, at least 250 30-40 year old apartments have sought permission for redevelopment from the state government, which is pending. However, with the new GDCR rules, people will be able to get development permission from local authorities itself.

   Redevelopment of old buildings, specially built in the 1980’s and even before that in Surat city, has been a major issue for the civic authorities. The major obstacle for these buildings weather they are in the old city area, Athwalines or in Adajan, Rander, Pal were the existing rules of the old GDCR.

   “Under the old GDCR rules, to increase the height of a building from 15 metre to 30 metre, there were restrictions with regard to plot size and adjoining road width. It requires 1,500 yard plot and at least 18 metre wide road to reconstruct a 10 floor apartment block. Even for this permission was not granted at local level. Hence, all the developers had to rush to state government’s town planning department to get redevelopment sanctioned,” an official from the town planning department in Surat said.

   However, under the new GDCR, process has been made simpler. Under new law, the height of the apartment could be increased up to 25 metre even if they have 12 metre road and will have to just leave the margin space of 4 metre on all sides.

   In addition to that, provision allows floor space index (FSI) up to 2.7 on any type of road against earlier 1.8 FSI. The most important provision is all the redevelopment projects can now be approved at local level.

  “There are over 400 apartments in the city that need to be redeveloped under this new law. They would be immensely benefited and would be able to do redevelop their homes according to modern needs,” deputy commissioner, Surat Municipal Corporation, Ketan Patel said.

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