Delhi: 4 years on, 700 EWS allottees may get flats in 2 months



   It’s been four years now and 700 families are still waiting for their flats that were allotted to them by the Delhi Development Authority, as part of the 2014 Housing Scheme.

    DDA had cited delay in construction and issues related to stamp duty on the flats for the endless delay, but after a string of protests by them, the land-owning agency has now assured to finally hand over the flats in the next couple of months.

   The 700 flats, in west Delhi’s Karmpura, were allotted under the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) category to families that are below the poverty line.

   “We were happy that finally, we could have our home in Delhi,” said Suman, one of the allottees. Currently, Suman lives at a rented accommodation in east Delhi’s Bhajanpura.

   The flats, located on Shivaji Marg in Karmpura, are part of a housing complex built by a private developer. As per norms, developers have to build a certain number of EWS housing as part of their project and 50% of these have to be sold to DDA, which can then allot them.

    Delay in construction meant that the flats, allotted in 2014, were ready only by 2016. It was then that the next complexity arose. “DDA will first buy the flats from the private developer and then allot them to the successful allottees of the housing scheme,” said Rajiv Gandhi, Commissioner (housing), DDA.

    Gandhi said that the arrangement means that there are two transactions involved, as DDA will first buy the flats and then sell them to the allottees. An approval from the DDA board for this was taken in December, 2017.

   As two transactions are involved, payment of stamp duty for registration has to be done twice. “As we had to execute the sale deed, we had requested the revenue authorities to exempt DDA from paying the duty as it was not the end user and would be further selling it to allottees,” Gandhi explained. “Since the revenue authorities have not responded, we will now pay the stamp duty and add the cost to the overall cost of the flats,” he added.

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source: Economic Times

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